About us


Welcome to the new Monaco Spectacle Website!

This Website stems from a common initiative from the cultural bodies in Monaco to simplify the spectators' booking experience with an enhanced and easier one-stop booking portal. Our partners in this endeavour are currently the following ones:

Throughout this project, we have focused our aim on making the internet user's booking experience simpler and more enjoyable. You will be able to take advantage of many new and useful features, including:

  • The choice of your seat location directly on a seating chart
  • Photographs of the stage taken from the chosen seat's area (only for select halls)
  • User accounts to avoid retyping your personal information
  • History of previous transactions
  • Season tickets
  • Multiple bookings (regardless of arganising body) in a single transaction
  • Integrated directions to the halls where the show is going to be
  • A simpler and quicker payment system
  • ... and more coming soon!

Monaco Spectacle has been developed by Uriel Conseil, a company with ten years of experience in the Web and ticketing area. We are entirely committed to making this Website more useful for you, and we welcome your feedback.

We wish you a pleasant Web experience and we hope you'll enjoy your show!